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INDUCENTRO – Equipamento e Control Industrial do Centro, LDA was founded in 1990, and is a company with vast experience in development and implementation of mechanical installation projects, namely, steam generators, thermal centrals, fluids networks (steam, thermo-fluid, gas, water, compressed air, etc.) ventilation, air conditioning, central heating, to name a few.

With the goal of providing an increasingly better service to our clients, we have established several partnerships with companies and multinational groups, some of which we highlight below:

BOSCH (former LOOS) – German company with established experience and quality in the manufacturing of steam generators.
SAACKE and WEISHAUPT MONARCH – German companies with renowned experience and quality in burners for multiple purposes and different fuels;

In 2018, the company was distinguished by the IAPMEI with the Status of PME Excelência (Small and medium sized companies excellence status).


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